Game Design

Since 2004 we've been developing and publishing web-games. Our games are simple, subtle, fun and have been enjoyed by over 5 million web gamers.
How can we help your web-community or project?

Web Communities

We grow and manage communities of gamers and game administrators, taking care of customer support, training and translation with highly motivated, organised volunteers managed by experienced professionals.

Project Development

We make bespoke software solutions for the gaming industry. An end-to-end product, from Server OS to authoring narrative content.

Omerta - The Godfather of Mafia web games

When Omerta began there wasn't a whole lot of Mafia-themed gaming on the web. A trail-breaker, Omerta is much-copied and continues to be an enduring favourite of the web & playable in more than 25 languages. Check out Omerta now!

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Tycoon Online - 'Let's get down to business!'

Omerta Game Ltd Acquires Tycoon Online in 2011, after stalking the wonderfully-designed game for over three years. We literally snook up behind it and threw it into a sack. Play Tycoon Online now!

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